Team Development


We have developed 1 and 2 - day programmes for Team Development. In times that organizations are looking at methods to improve performance with existing or even shrinking resources, seemless interaction between team members is essential. Communication need to be fine-tuned and frustrations are to be avoided. Any destraction from the focus to grow the business is very costly.


A lot of conflicts or difficulties between individuals are not intentional but develop once the wrong responses are triggered. “Rubbing people the wrong way”.


As a foundation for our programmes we use Personality profilnig tools which provide an accurate and valid way of evaluating psychological preferences in individuals.


It lays the foundation for establishing; developing and maintaining long-term relationships between people both in business and in private life.

Selecting the ‘right way’ of dealing with others becomes no longer a guessing game but will from now on be based on dealing with others in their preferred manner.


We also encourage participants (on the 2 -day programme) to provide anonymous feedback on their team members. (It included issues such as : What to Start doing - What to Stop Doing - What to Continue doing). When everybody does that, each member of the team gets priceless tools for improving their performance and relationships. Both the feedback from colleagues and their Insights Personality Profile (up to 40 pages) give them better guidance to tackle any future challenges they might face.


Some interactions where this can add value are:


  • Creating team understanding and cohesiveness
  • Manager – Employee interactions
  • Change Management
  • Re-alignment of roles within the organization
  • Performace improvement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team Development Programmes are customized based on YOUR organization's requirements.


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