HeRoes™ is expanding, to accelerate our business we decided to develop a network of partnerships around the globe. We would like to team up with individuals or organizations that share our values and would also be part of the movement of "Adding a new dimension to HR Management".


Since there are many forms of partnerships possible we keep an open mind as to how you would possibly fit in our network.


- Affiliation

- Joint - Venture

- Branded regional organization (for instance: HeRoes™ - Siberia)


are some of the possibilities of teaming up with us.


In order to assess the feasibility from our side it would help if you would document your preferred scenario as detailed as possible. Draft business plans, views, etc. Please explain to us why you would be part of our network, in what way you would add value and what would be your expectations from us.

Any information provided to us will be handled with strict confidentiality.


We look forward hearing from you!


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Send a message to our CEO: cees.nieboer@heroes-emea.com



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