People who excel in their field of business regardless what it is Sales, IT, Engineering or Manufacturing are often the first ones considered if Supervisory or Managerial become vacant.


Managing individuals and teams however requires additional skills. We have developed a series of training programmes exploring and developing those skills and put them to the test in a safe training environment.


Our programmes can be tailored to your needs and will be delivered as in-house training. We encourage organizations to allow us to work with maximum group sizes of 12 participants to ensure high levels of interaction and better results.


After all the cost of the training can only be seen as an investment when your people start performing better as a result of it.


Programmes will have a duration between 3 - 5 days. Course timing and venue arrangement can be discussed in detail to meet your requirements (even evening and weekend programmes are possible).

Our consultants are all experienced business professionals willing to discuss your particular needs with you.

Please contact us to get the dialogue started.




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