Health Care


Learning Paths have been implemented for frontline employees in long-term and residential care, medial insurance and benefits sales, pharmaceutical sales, mail order pharmacy and clinical nursing. In one of the most successful projects, time to proficiency for residential care aids was reduced from 9 months to 55 days while reducing turnover to virtually zero.
Major improvements in health care Learning Paths were a result of integrating technical and soft skills with the work process, moving critical training to just-in-time and using a consistent Learning Path for all employees. In addition by establishing a common proficiency definition, it made it easier to assess skill levels and provide managers with needed coaching tools.

“We’ve used Learning Paths to help our people get-up-to speed on new regulations and process as our industry rapidly changes. I’d highly recommend this approach to anyone in health care.”
Ed Robbins Advisor and Consultant to the Health Industry

Financial Services


Learning Paths have been developed for mortgage lending, insurance sales, leasing, customer service and consumer finance. A number of the Learning Paths initiatives were completed for major international corporations with thousands of call center employees in a wide range of jobs that included both inbound and outbound sales, collections, loan applications, underwriting, insurance sales and more.

Major improvements for financial services clients resulted from making classroom time more efficient, structuring on-the-job coaching, eliminating training that wasn’t adding value and reducing the variation from location to location and shift to shift.

“It was a great productive experience that generated some very tangible and measurable results for the business in North America Canada and Europe. Some of the major benefits were:
Increased sales-15%-35% on targeted accounts were we applied the new learning’s
Improved performance of existing sales employees-gave them new tools to be more productive and have a consistent approach with existing and prospective customers
Built a consistent learning organization –throughout North America and Europe-One consistent approach and message”

Louis Gagnon
Regional Sales Manager GE Capital TIP

Travel and Hospitality


Learning Paths in the travel and hospitality industry have been developed for travel agents, reservation reps, customer service and travel agency managers. The major outcomes of these initiatives have been to speed up the time it takes to reach sales goals and achieve high customer satisfaction rating. In all more than 10,000 employees have been trained using the Learning Paths approach.

Major improvements in leisure travel sales resulted from structuring training around building a loyal customer base by blending sales techniques with product specialities, new technology and social media. The was extremely important as the online travel business was being established.
























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