Learning Paths are designed to quickly improve performance and reduce time to proficiency for critical frontline positions. These positions are critical because they often have:

- Direct contact with customers and are really the public face of any organization
- A large number of workers in the role
- High complexity and take a long time to learn
- High turnover
- High potential for accident, injuries or other risks

After developing a measurable proficiency statement, our approach is to create a single Learning Path that goes from day one to proficiency. This path can then be customized to each employee based on experience level and past performance.

For new employees a Learning Path provides an in-depth, step-by-step process to become fully proficient. For incumbent employees, it makes it easier to determine what they are missing and take them from 80 or 90% proficient to 100% proficient.

Many functions such as sales have a common core of proficiencies and learning activities. When we work with these functions, we are able to speed up development by starting with these common core proficiencies and learning activities and then incorporating each client’s specific job requirements and information.


Our approach to building a fast-track Learning Path for critical functions uses the following steps:

1. Getting Started Planning Session
We start by working with an internal project leader to form a Learning Paths team and create a project calendar.

2. Kickoff Meeting
We conduct a 60 to 90 minute session that introduces the concepts of Learning Paths to the Learning Paths team and prepares them for the road ahead.

3. Proficiency Workshop
This is a one-day working session that results in a proficiency definition that will guide this project and serve as the assessment tool for the project.

4. Learning Paths Mapping Workshop
This is a one day session that includes mapping the current Learning Process and determining how to reduce time to proficiency by 30 to 50%.

5. Implementation and Maintenance
The final step is to build an implementation plan for building any new training materials and launching the new Learning Path. It also includes a strategy for building support and maintaining the new Learning Path.

Getting Started

To learn how Learning Paths can make a dramatic impact on one of your critical positions, we offer a free assessment that will identify the top opportunities for driving down time to proficiency. To get started, call +386 30 395845 to talk with a Learning Paths consultant or click here to request more information.





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