Cees W.M. Nieboer

President Learning Paths Europe


Cees heads HeRoes Group, which focuses on organizational development. Combining the latest personality profiling tools by Lumina Learning, with own developed on line HR solutions, training programs and partner of Learning Paths Methodology in Europe, has demonstrated being a successful formula. During the last 11 years HeRoes Group has become a recognized player in the market. Cees brings over 25 years of experience as a manager, trainer, coach, consultant, QA lead assessor and author of HR solutions. He worked and lived in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His passion is to deliver results by matching, and developing, human potential with measurable organizational results.



  Josef Kutik, Learning Paths and HeRoes Consultant. Josef, a Czech national, has more than 10 years experience in people education. He provided measurable results for the companies as a manager, consultant and trainer. Experienced with developing teams, first line management, front line sales people as well as top management consultation and HR efficiency systems implementation. Highly focused on shorten new employee adaptation process, company restructuring process and crisis management. His attitude is how to enjoy the life by doing things more efficiently, shortly and easily.





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