This 2-day workshop is designed for organizations that want to train their staffs on how to lead Learning Paths projects within their own organization. In this session, participants learn how to build Proficiency Definitions and Learning Paths for all of their major job functions. This workshop is also for organizations who are already working on Learning Paths initiatives that want to train more Learning Paths Project Leaders and take advantage of the latest Learning Paths technology and materials. This workshop is offered as an in-house workshop and as a public session.


What’s New

Since 2004 when the Learning Paths book was published, the Learning Paths approach has been successfully implemented in new industries and a wide range of critical functions. As a result, the Learning Paths approach has been significantly improved. This includes everything from better assessments and improved measurement to new tools and methods. The next generation of Learning Paths make it easier to install organization-wide, faster than ever.

Here’s what’s new in this workshop:


- Streamlined forms, tools and templates
- Presentations for web conference or workshop formats
- Proficiency definitions that can be used as assessment tools
- Expanded implementation and maintenance plans
- Directions on how to use Learning
- Paths for Green Belt and Black Belt projects (Six Sigma)
- Upgraded activity descriptions using Learning Paths principles
- Guidelines for customizing Learning Paths for each employee
- Additional training for coaches and mentors More real life examples


What You Will Learn

This workshop covers how to set up and run a Learning Paths initiative and be ready to start a Learning Path project when participants return to work.

This 2-day workshop also includes how to:


  Day 1:     Day 2:
Present the Learning Paths Business Case Map a Current Learning Path
Form a Learning Paths Team Identify Quick Hits
Create a Project Schedule and Plan Structure/Sequence a New Learning Path
Develop and Implement a Research Plan Write Activity Descriptions
Build Proficiency Definitions Develop an Implementation Plan
Measure and Track Results

What’s Included

This workshop includes templates for creating all the documents and reports needed for a successful Learning Paths project. We encourage participants to bring their laptops to the workshop so they can work with these tools and templates to begin to build their own proficiency definition and Learning Path.

Tools and templates include:


  Learning Paths Team Selection Guide Proficiency Definition Template
  Learning Paths Project Calendar Learning Path Template
  Kickoff Meeting Presentation Activity Description Template
  Proficiency Definition Workshop Presentation Implementation Plan Template
  Learning Paths Workshop Presentation Coaching Guide Template


Who Should Attend

This Workshop is for experienced managers and executives who have a proven ability to facilitate group meetings and lead projects within their own organizations. It’s also for managers who will be project champions for one or more functions. We recommend sending at least two people from your organization to this workshop. Those who will get the most out of this workshop are managers and executives in human resources, training, quality, safety, sales, IT, operations, finance, and organizational development.


Workshop Leader



Cees W.M. Nieboer, CEO HeRoes Group and President of Learning Paths Europe. Cees brings over 25 years of experience as a manager, trainer, coach, consultant, QA lead assessor and author of HR solutions. His passion is to deliver results by matching, and developing, human potential with measurable organizational results.




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