HeRoes Group represents Learning Paths International in Europe. Learning Paths International (LPI) is a training and development consulting firm that focuses on improving results while cutting the time and cost of training. Our work is based on the Learning Path methodology which reduces time to proficiency by applying the best of quality improvement, accelerated learning and change management..


The Learning Paths Methodology has been tested and proven with hundreds of functions and thousands of employees in call centers, sales, health care, banking and manufacturing settings. In every case, time to proficiency was reduced by more than 30%. Our methodology is described in the book "Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed" (Pfeiffer and ASTD Press 2004). Reducing time to proficiency is critical because every day employees aren't fully productive has a direct financial impact on the business. The impact can be quantified in terms of productivity, errors, safety, turnover and morale.

Since 2004, thousands of people have read the Learning Paths book and hundreds of companies have applied Learning Paths concepts and principles within their organizations. In 2011, the Learning Paths process was upgraded and reengineered to include everything that has been learned in the last eight years. Click here to learn more about the Learning Paths approach.




HeRoes Group combines the latest developments in Psychometrics, the Lumina Learning products, to evaluate indvidual qualities and traits, with the structured LPI approach to define and implement proficiency better and faster. HeRoes training programmes and on line Job Profiling tool aids the process. This combined offering is unique and will allow us to create measurable results for YOU in a short period.


Getting Started

To learn how HeRoes Group can make a dramatic impact on one of your critical positions, we offer a free assessment that will identify the top opportunities for driving down time to proficiency. To get started, call +386 30 395845 to talk with a Learning Paths consultant or click here to request more information.














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