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Some companies have a desire to turn ineffective Job Descriptions into something that would help their staff perform better. That 'something' we call a HeRoes™ Job Profile. Not all companies do however know where to start we can help you producing such profiles as well as assist in developing your competency frameworks.


HeRoes profiles consists of:


  • A Job Summary
  • Competencies with Measurable descriptors (we can assist defining your framework)
  • Tasks, Responsibilities and Procedures (level of detail can vary based on your needs)
  • Background information such as Education, Knowledge and Experience levels
  • Measurable Objectives (prioritized)
  • Interview questions linked to Job Elements

    Today a number of international clients have embraced the HeRoes tools as their core HR Management support systems, amongst them are Fortune 500 companies.


    We have developed a web based tool to support this process. Should you, at a later stage decide to subscribe to this service and make use of the HeRoes Job Profiling tool, you can use profiles, produced for you earlier, yourself without having to use consultants.

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    Our consultants are experienced business professionals able to set up the Job Profiles, taking HR best practice and your specific requirements into consideration.

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