Be amongst other leaders enjoying innovative, effective ways to achieve more and better results!


Enjoy the application of the latest performance enhancement methods, based on a practical and scientifically sound approach.


Many managers believe they are doing a great job and surely many really do! The ones that realize that the race for quality has no finish, keep on developing their skills and the teams they are leading will keep ahead of the game. Learning to know yourself better by improving skills to “read others” based on scientifically sound principles is something that could keep you ahead of others and make you achieve even more!


These two-day action packed event with a practical structure will be based on the following Lumina principles:


- Self Knowledge

- Building Rapport

- Valuing Diversity

- Co-Creating Results


Lumina Spark will help you raise your self-awareness and enable you to communicate more effectively. This is essential to understanding the benefit to a team from harnessing psychological diversity.


To do this we need to be able to ‘speed read’ other people and better adapt to their communication preferences.


Effectively working with Lumina’s four principles can transform relationships and take leadership to a new level. Be part of a group of maximum 50 managers and CEO’s experiencing this workshop and make the leap ahead!


Guided by THREE senior international facilitators you will enjoy the experience and get a quick ROI.


Reactions from participants on previous programmes


“Physically experiencing practical obstructions led to recognition and insight”


“Surprising similarities between the practical and physical techniques through simplicity”


“An exceptional experience that gives more insight about myself and others and initiates change”


“Instructive and useful in practice (…) and also in one’s private life”


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For questions about this event call:

Ms Vera Dobravec (Versus) +386 41 604789

Mr Cees WM Nieboer (HeRoes Group) +386 30 395845





Distances and approximate times of driving from international airports and railway stations to Bohinj Park Hotel in proximity.



Ljubljana Airport: 55 km, 43 min
Railway station Bohinjska Bistrica: 0,1 km, 2 min
Railway station Jesenice: 37 km, 32 min
Railway station Ljubljana: 75 km, 68 min


Airport Klagenfurt: 103 km, 1h 21 min
Airport Graz: 231 km, 2h 25 min
Airport Salzburg: 252 km, 2h 37 min
Railway station Villach, 74 km, 62 min



Airport Trieste: 164 km, 2h 6 min
Airport Venice: 240 km, 3h 52 min
Railway station Tarvisio: 100 km, 72 min



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