Why do I need to register to have access to some parts of the site?
Some of the functionality are subscription based/ paid services. For downloads of product information we would like to have an option to contact you and learn if the information was in line with your expectations, just to be able to serve you better.
Is HeRoes a recruitment agency?
No, HeRoes provides management and consultancy services and develops on line HR tools to make your processes easier and more effective.
Do you provide tailor made solutions?
Yes, for training and on-line tools we customize our solutions. If you have specific requirements please go to the contact us page and document your requests.
Are all your products and services listed on your site?
No not all of them, besides the products / services listed on our might be solutions/services that might fit your requirements but are not documented (yet). Contact us to check if we have what you are looking for.


Our consultants are all experienced business professionals willing to discuss your particular needs with you.

Please contact us to get the dialogue started



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