Recruiting talent for selected high-profile positions is an art. Within HeRoes Group we apply a structured process to control the quality of the results you would expect to get from us!

1. Criteria Analysis

Our professional team works with clients to develop a competitive market search specification to attract the right candidate for each position. Knowledge of the region allows us to monitor employment trends whilst understanding constraints and limitations.


2. Market Research

Detailed analysis of an industry, the company, its competitors and the region allows HeRoes to develop and prepare a winning game plan.


3. Identification
Based on a specific criteria and our research, HeRoes Group sources a selection of candidates. Technical ability and qualifications are only two facets of a great executive. We identify and evaluate candidates extensively, exploring their other assets in great detail.

4. Evaluation
Our stringent interviewing process allows HeRoes to evaluate the talent and match this to clients needs. HeRoes Group recognizes that a candidates "fit" is not just on paper, simply matching specs to a résumé, we make assessments about their cultural fit together with long-term compatibility. We look to provide ideal candidates which can contribute to a company now and into the future.

5. Presentation
Upon completion of our identification, we provide a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates. This attention to detail delivers an efficient, timely and highly successful match
Only qualified suitable candidates are presented to Clients.


6. Negotiation

Our team manages expectations communicating with both clients and candidates, and as a result delivers above industry average placement rates and acceptances.

7. Reference Checks

Through our preparation and follow up, the search process is well managed and conducive to success. This process is also extensive and highly detailed in nature. HeRoes Group has a commercial and professional commitment to follow-through rigorous references assuring that candidates are a valuable asset to your Company.

8. Follow-up

After placement, our job is not complete, our internal retention program ensures both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and regular communication.

A network of business affiliations, partnerships and personal relationships enables us to discreetly target a wide range of candidates.


If your organization is looking to fill a high profile position please contact us to get the dialogue started.




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