Knowing what potential we have to hire, develop and to retain is crucial!


Assessment center technology is used for more than one reason.


Three of the most frequently requested applications are:


- Recruitment

- Talent Management

- Succession Planning


There is no standard formula for the Assessment Center, all is based on your requirements and your objectives.


Normally a choice and/or combination of:


- Ability testing (for instance verbal/numeric reasoning skills)

- Personality Profiling

- Group Discussions

- Role Plays

- Case Studies

- Presentations

- Interviews


We consider it sound practice to develop/assess people with the view to develop along two possible routes:


- Role excellence (technical /job ability)

- Managerial / Supervisory Roles (leading people)


Naturally one doesn't exclude the other but not everybody will be comfortable managing subordinates. Career paths should definitely not only be geared up to 'force' people in a role which they are not fit for. Bringing out the best in people is what will benefit organizations and staff best.


Our consultants are all experienced, qualified, business professionals willing to discuss your particular needs with you.

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