Looking at the eating habits of many people I observed a Middle East trend to go for quantity before quality: as much as possible for preferably low costs. Obesity is in numerous cases the obvious result. Now let’s make a comparison with business; in my view many companies stuff themselves with low quality manpower, can’t get the work done and therefore hire even more people. Company obesity: Fat, Slow, Unfit and lack of performance. The way people are ‘sometimes’ recruited astonishes me. Based on poorly presented CVs, doubtful and unclear track records or just because of favours to somebody recommending them. What about fitting in with the team? Or: providing the missing skills within the organization? Carl Gustav Jung’s theories on psychological types teaches us, that we are best of to team up with Psychological counterparts instead of teaming up with the likes of us. Two captains on a ship will turn it into a war zone two deckhands alone will possibly not bring the ship safely to the destination as well. Professional organizations recognize the need for professional Human Resource Systems including Recruitment. On many occasions organizations do not, or wish not to, calculate the cost of recruiting the wrong people. Costs, like the efforts from all parts of the organization to make people part of the team, training to gear them up for specific job-related requirements or even the efforts of all to get to know each other and socialize with them. Making the wrong decisions here may even lead to ‘unwillingness’ to support a newcomer in the organization because there is uncertainty whether he/she will stay on for a longer period anyway. Wow! That killed productivity from day one! Lower productivity results in: not, totally, achieving the desired results...and still leaves a need for additional manpower. Compared to the western world hiring and firing is relatively easy out here but it doesn’t reduce the seriousness of the matter.
Next time, before hiring anyone ask yourself a few questions:

Why do we need more staff?
Are we all doing the right things?
Are we using the correct ways to achieve results?
Do we have proper (hidden) skills available in our organization?
Can we re-assign tasks to others?
Do we know what skills we need to find?
Are we capable of recruiting somebody or do we need help?
And when we are presented with possible candidates for a position can we find an objective manner of assessing if he/she is the right fit for the organization?
Sometimes it is advisable to seek help from specialized companies to assist you and partner with you in finding the best possible match for a long-term relationship. Even the in-house use of objective assessment tools can help you to avoid making the wrong decisions. Naturally because we are dealing with human interactions we cannot avoid the occasional mismatch. However, let’s try to get it right first time and avoid unnecessary waste of company assets. One day I will let you in on another issue: People do not leave organizations, they leave managers! (this matter will be discussed in one of the future articles)
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