In a time where companies are facing global recession there is a growing need to produce more and better results with existing resources. If downsizing is also part of the drastic actions taken by organizations the need becomes even more apparent.  To develop the team and individuals in the best possible way you need to know what ‘materials’ you have available. Measuring the in-built strengths and possible weaknesses through personality profiling is the quickest and most cost-effective way of moving away from the trial and error arena. When you know what you’ve got and decide on what you want to achieve you can develop the matching strategies. The risk of asking too much from resources not fit for the challenge is that stress is around the corner and productivity is likely to drop faster than we can imagine.

Using psychological methods to target our market in a more effective way would be the next step in the process. Deal with the existing and potential customers the way they want to be dealt with instead of handling them in our own preferred manner. Hard work is not always the solution, employing more staff, working longer hours might not bring the desired results. Working more focused, smarter and results driven might. Customer orientation is key!


We believe that:

  • every crisis provides opportunities to become stronger
  • company owners should know their people better
  • clients are often ‘misread’, buy elsewhere or postpone till later


There’s a lot we can do to make the needed changes quickly with practically immediate result. Sure it will cost some time and money but it is surely cheaper than waiting in our shelter until the storm is over before assessing the damages.

The longer we wait, the harder it gets to get on top of the game. 

We can be part of the process if you let us and have tools and services to support the change and make it last!


“The Insights system is an amazing model for self-understanding, the course helps developing effective strategies for interaction with others. I strongly advice, the sooner taking this course the smoother life can be”. (November 2008)



Executive Director
International Investment Bank


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