With all the HR initiatives started in the region, many people still face problems asking themselves, where to begin? Human Resource Management can include many factors. Reading best selling books on the topic or talking to other professionals in the field helps, but still doesn't provided you with a framework that is guaranteed successful. My advice: learn from the professionals and do not try to re-invent the wheel! Practically all the questions you ask have been asked earlier and answered correctly. The ones, who know me, know I am a great fan of automating routine processes and bringing structure and consistency into systems. It definitely makes life easier developing systems by using existing frameworks. Combine a modular designed software system and engage a consultant who has already implemented HR systems with standard procedures available and you are geared up for a jumpstart. A response might be: We are not a standard company, we are unique. True, I respect that kind of comment but really, how unique are you? Ferrari and Padmini are produced by different companies and surely have different performance characteristics. But how much of the process to come from raw material to end product share the same characteristics….a lot. HR is no different in that respect, the basic processes to manage and develop the Human Assets in organizations share the same challenges and processes.

We have noticed that a basic activities however, are not performed even by well established companies. Over the last 5 years we have been developing tools assisting companies to get started with some of the very needed systems without having to heavily invest in doing so.


Customisation should only be done if the lack of it would interfere with the best management practices you wish to apply. Needless to say that everything needs to beaccess protected and links with other systems only established where sensible. I strongly believe that if companies want to jumpstart their HR management system in a structured manner this is the way to go!


About outsourcing HR as an alternative we'll talk later.

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